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NPYHA Covid 19 news

Covid 19

North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Refund Policy

The bulk of our team fees are based on ice usage. Our contract with the rink starts our “in season” ice August 15th and runs for 32 weeks.

If the rink is shut down due to COVID-19 or any other reason we will make a partial refund based on the number of weeks we are unable to skate after we deduct any the following costs.

• Any administrative fees incurred by the league (credit card transaction fees, Team Snap processing fees, etc.).
• Operational costs incurred by NPYHA
• Tryout Fees
• Individual Travel Team fees already used for Team Expenses (tournaments, parties, meetings, etc).

For example, if the season fee is $2,000 we would subtract any of the above fees first and then divide the remaining amount by 32 weeks. Multiply that number by the weeks we lost and that would be the refund amount.

If the rink remains open, but we are unable to play any games for a portion of or the entirety of the season we will refund applicable referee and EMT fees but NOT ICE FEES as we are under contract to purchase the ice if the rink is open. In that scenario we would only be able to practice, but fees are still due and would be kept.