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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I register for tryouts?

Register with USA Hockey: You must have a 2020-2021 USA Hockey registration number to register for NPYHA tryouts. Registration for USA Hockey registration typically opens April 1. Obtain your registration number online at .

Register for an NPYHA Program: Registration typically open online on or around April 1. With your 2020-2021 USA Hockey registration number handy , go to the NPYHA web site at and go to Tryouts > Registration . Click on the appropriate link to register .

Tryout fees will be collected electronically during registration.

NPYHA will require the following forms to be acknowledged online during your tryout registration process.

-NPYHA Player Code of Conduct Form
-NPYHA Parent Code of Conduct Awareness Form
-NPYHA will also be collecting health insurance data on all players at registration, with your acknowledgement that NPYHA has your consent to treat your player for injuries sustained during our events and activities. 

Please see the 2020 - 2021 Tryout Guide at the top of this page

When does registration open for tryouts?
Dates for registration will be released soon. 

What is the $400 Commitment Fee used for?

At registrtation, we will collect from you a Commitment Fee to secure your player’s spot on a travel team if he/she makes a team. Your Commitment Fee serves as a down payment on your Organizational Fee.  If you decline your placement on a team, your Commitment Fee check will be destroyed.  The deadline to decline your placement is 72 hours from the time of our team announcements.  

If your child is assigned a roster spot on the top team within each group, your Commitment Fee will be non-refundable.

What does my player need for tryouts?
Arrive at the rink for your designated tryout in plenty of time to check in and change. Bring two jerseys to every session - one dark and one white. These jerseys should be unmarked . No names and no emblems of PAHL, PIHL, or AAA teams are permitted at tryouts. Please also remove identifying pants shells and socks for tryouts.

Affix your tryout pin-on number to both the front and back of your jersey. You will need to keep your pin-on numbers for all days of tryout process.  Please note that we may assign you a jersey color (dark or white) during tryouts and the assigned color may change during tryouts. 

What are the age groups for NPYHA?
Age Group 
(Birth Years of eligibility)
10U, (2010-11)
12U, (2008-09)
14U, (2006-07)
16U, (2004-05)
18U, (2002-03) 
Girls Only 12U (2008 -2011)
Girls Only 14U, 16U, 19U (2006- 2010, 2004- 2008, 2001- 2007 )

What are the costs for travel hockey at NPYHA?
Tryout Fee - collected online at the time of registration.  Covers the costs of the tryout process.  The tryout fee is not applied to your organizational fee if you make a team. 

Commitment Fee - collected at registration. Serves as a down payment on your Organizational Fee.   Serves as acknowledgement that that you agree to have your player play at North Pittsburgh in the upcoming season.  By accepting a spot with North Pittsburgh, you are also making a promise to North Pittsburgh to pay your Organization Fee in full for the upcoming season. 

Organizational Fee - may be paid after tryouts in one payment or in multiple payments during the season.  Cover ice time for practices, pre-season games, league games, referees, Emergency Medical Technicians, professional instruction, supplies, and other expenses incurred by the association. Fee amount will be finalized over the summer after the final rosters are determined and the annual budget is approved. 

Team Fee - a pool of funds collected by your team manager to pay for team expenses such as tournaments, extra games, social activities, etc.  Team Fees are mandatory at North Pittsburgh and must be paid even if you don't participate in all team functions.

Uniform - a complete travel uniform runs approximately $300.

How will I know if my player makes a team?
The following day after tryouts, team assignments will be posted to our website at . No names will be posted to the web site. Players will be identified by their tryout number only. Coaches will be in touch shortly after tryouts are completed and teams are assigned. 

I would like to volunteer to coach, how do I do that?
Notify the Director of Hockey Operations ( of your interest.  There are several steps you must take to be involved.  Go to our website and proceed to Development Programs > Coaching Requirements. Or follow this link directly: