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If you were unable to attend the Uniform Fittings and still need to order your uniform, please see these options:

1.            Visit or call K&B Outfitters store

                514 Merchant St, Ambridge, PA 15003

                Phone: (724) 266-1133

 2.            Order online (ADM/In-house uniform set – 2 jerseys (home and away) and 1 pair of socks) – HOWEVER, it is recommended to use this as last resort since your player should be fitted with his shoulder pads to ensure proper sizing.

Any questions, please direct to Katina Koontz,



Uniform Fittings

Uniform Fitting Information

For the 2019-20 Season

Attention Wildcats families:
Please read the following information closely.  Directions for all Wildcats boys and girls travel teams and Wildcats ADM, In-House, and Girls 12u players regarding required uniform items and optional equipment for North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association (NPYHA) are provided below. 
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NPYHA is pleased to carry forward our partnership with K&B Outfitters (K&B) for our uniforms and equipment offerings for the upcoming season. We have again continued our efforts with focus to improve our product offering and timely delivery services of our core travel teams required uniform items (jerseys, socks, and shell) to our membership.  These efforts will have our teams ready for pre-season activities.

For the 2019-2020 season:
There will be two (2) phases of uniform delivery. Phase I will include Core Uniform Items (jerseys, socks and pant shells).  Phase II will include Optional Warm-ups, Hockey bags and Garment Bags.

Cut-Off Dates for Orders that will be included with the Clubs Bulk Delivery eventually to you through the organization via your team manager are:

·         Girls 14u/19u and Boys Travel Teams – June 30 CUT-OFF

·         Girls 12u, ADM and In-House Teams – July 30 CUT-OFF

Orders received by K&B after the Cut-Off dates above will be shipped directly to you with additional shipping and handling fee of $6.99; if your order is over $200, shipping is Free.

We will also continue with Wildcat Travel, Girls 12U, ADM and In-House players fitted by following the defined process below during the established fitting days. 

The uniform fitting process for the 2019-2020 season will be completed as follows. Uniform fittings are only required for:

·         New players to the organization

·         Players who are interested in purchasing a new jerseys, socks, or shell

·         Those that have grown and need a larger size or new/replacement items

For Travel Players: Squirt though Midget and Girls 14u/19u teams will use the current jersey designs and will continue uniform styles that utilize a custom hockey jersey foundation.

This jersey provides durable and comfortable materials that are more traditional with hand sewn poly pro tackle twill applique in place of the full sublimated products that the association used in past seasons. The jersey format and logos replicate and match the former sublimated products and remained at the value-added price point. 

To continue the theme of this uniform style, it provides the association’s membership more flexibility in the way the player names and numbers are managed while also presenting an opportunity for the members to extend the life of their jerseys, provide an option for those that desire to hand them down to younger siblings, or resell them to other players in the organization.

For ADM, In-house and Girls 12u: These players will be using the same uniforms (that have a different logo design from our travel teams) as last year.

If your player has a set of Jerseys and Socks from last year and they still fit, you do not need to purchase a new uniform.

ONLINE VIEWING: You can click HERE to see the line-up of Core Uniform Items and other apparel and Spiritwear available to the association this season.


Travel players (Squirt to Midget and Girls 14u/19u)
Home and Road Game Day Jerseys - $100 each
·       For oversized Adult 2xl and 3xl Jerseys - add $3.
·       Custom Goal Cut Jerseys - Add $6 per jersey.

ADM, In-House, Girls 12u
Home and Road Game Day Jerseys - $44 each, $88 per pair 

Travel players (Squirt to Midget and Girls 14u/19u)
Home and Road Game Day Poly Mesh Hockey Socks - $25 per pair.  One black pair and one white pair are required.

ADM, In-House, Girls 12u
Knit hockey socks - $12.00 per pair.  One white pair is required.

Travel players (Squirt to Midget and Girls 14u/19u)
Hockey Pant Shells - $44
ADM, In-House, Girls 12u
Shells are not required.


Warm-up jackets* - Youth and Adult, including Applique - $78
Warm-up Pants* - Youth and Adult, including Applique - $36
*Warm-ups are CCM brand that will be embellished the same as prior season.

For your convenience, the following times have been set up for fittings (jerseys, socks, and shell plus optional warm-ups).  Please bring your hockey shoulder pads and hockey pants to assist in the fitting process.  Shin guards are not required. No need to bring your entire bag.

K&B will perform three (3) separate fitting sessions onsite at the Baierl Ice Complex in Warrendale so members can size their players. 

Travel Team Players

      ·  Saturday - May 25 - 10am to 12:30pm – TRAVEL Boys and Girls

      ·  Sunday, June 2 - Noon to 2:30pm – TRAVEL Boys and Girls


ADM/In-House/Girls 12u Team Players

·         Saturday, July 13 - 10am to 12:30pm – Girls 12u, ADM and In-house

K&B accepts all major credit cards and checks. Credit card payment will be completed onsite at order placement with confirmation email or text receipts provided at that time.

K&B also has an online ordering option.  Wildcats members can take advantage of the online buying experience as another convenient option.  Please see the link below and instructions.

·        Go to .
·        Once there, go to SHOP, then AMATEUR PARTNERS and click North Pittsburgh Wildcats Logo.  From there you can view and order your uniform and equipment needs.

·        Online orders are payable by all major credit cards.
Orders can also be placed by faxing the order form to 
412-202-7777 or by scanning and emailing the order form to  You can also place your order weekdays by phone at 724-266-1133.

We will also post Order Form on the Wildcats web site and it will be available at the fittings.  
*Order Forms - Click
 HERE to get the forms from our web site.*

If possible, please print the order form and complete the top portion “Player Information” in advance of getting to the table to get sized (do not add your credit card details). This could help reduce the wait time if a line forms. 

A Few Special Notes Regarding Jersey Numbers
ADM and In-House Players - Sorry, we cannot accept requests for specific jersey numbers for players in these programs.

Travel Players (Squirt through Midget plus Girls 14u/19u) and Girls 12u: Continuing for the 2019-2020 season and since the jersey applique is now all sewn tackle twill, travel players may be able to have the jersey number of their choice (@ RISK), if they meet the following criteria:

1. You are not on the same team as another member that is already assigned the number that you want and,

2. You agree to change your jersey number if you are ever placed on the same team as another member that is already assigned the number you want.

Please note:  If you left the organization and are now returning, there is no guarantee that you will be able to use your previous number

Alterations/Changes of jersey numbers are at an additional cost to the member.

NOTE: Girls are assigned a number that is not in conflict with numbers previously assigned on Girls teams.  If a girl decides later to also play on a boys’ team, her number may create a conflict on the boys’ team with another player that was previously assigned the same number.  In these cases, the girl must change her number.

You must select five (5) number choices in order of preference.  Or, you may select just one or two numbers if you are agreeing to take a number @ RISK and are in compliance with the conditions noted above. Once we receive your jersey order, if you selected five choices and all five are blocked you will be contacted by K&B to settle on an Open number. Or you may elect to accept another number @ RISK that is in conflict with another Wildcats member under the conditions outlined above.

It is important that you know that if you want a number @ RISK, you must note that on your Order Form at the time you place your order.

Additional disclaimer: There is no guarantee you will get the number that you want based on the criteria provided above. Number assignment may be arbitrary due to availability in some cases.  NPYHA and K&B will work with you to make this portion of the order process as favorable as possible. Alterations of jersey numbers are at an additional cost to the member.

Please visit the K&B web site for optional equipment, bags, decals, and other apparel.  These items are ordered and handled on an individual per order basis. These are OPTIONAL ITEMS for any members, players, and parents. 

ONLINE VIEWING:  Click HERE to see the full line-up of optional products provided to the association this season.  Once there, go to SHOPthen AMATEUR PARTNERS and click North Pittsburgh Wildcats Logo.  From there you can view and order your optional items.

If you need any additional information, please send your inquiries to NP Equipment Manager, Katina Koontz (